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Shifumi 6 is a simple but original puzzle game on mobile and web. This game is under development but It is almost done. Now I need some feedbacks from beta testers. The game is fun enough now and I improved the game experience. Play it now!

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I'm Benoit Freslon, I'm French I developed a lot of games since 2007.

I'm looking for testers and feedbacks.I'm working on my last mobile game: "Shifumi 6".
It's a mix between 2048 and Ruzzle but it's not 2048 or Ruzzle.
If you want to try out the iOS or Android beta version send me your email address by PM or
by email:
Or you can play the Unity beta version:

You have to drag your finger on items to create long chains of Rocks, Papers and Scissors but always in the logic order:Rock > Paper > Scissors > Rock > Paper > etc.The Rock beats the Scissors, the Scissors beats the Paper and the Paper beats the Rock.By creating a chain with 3 items at least you will create a new item withOnly items with the same value can be linked.
Try to make a Shifumi 6.

Have fun!

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