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The trials and tribulation of updating source code and learning to hex edit existing models on half life (or find unused ones)due to lack of actual modelling ability.

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It's been a while since I last updated my mod because I've mostly been working on this. When I did find some spare time I decided to update Disconnected on the latest HL2 code. This wasn't as simple as it could of been because my code was all over the place because when I started I was just chucking new ideas in all the time. As many a modder will tell you this is a very bad idea, so I actually did a bit of planning this time around before touching any code. However it's hard to show new more efficent coding so instead here's a shiny new weapon. It's called the spitfire and it is a machine pistol modified to fire incendiary rounds, check the video out. Also you will see my new dynamic crosshair in action but more about that in a later update.

Also I have learned the dark art of hex editing existing HL2 models to create new placeholder models (as my modelling skills are abysmal) so that's why the spitfire is just a black version of the pistol.

**EDIT** I had time to add two other videos showing the new accuracy & damage modifiers in action.

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