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Invert the world to escape a dystopian experiment in PS4, XBOX One, Steam and Nintendo Switch puzzle platformer Shift Quantum. Solve 117 campaign levels, then create your own in the level editor when game comes out 30th May

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Shift Quantum is a cyber-noir action-puzzle platformer set in a dystopian future program created by the Axon Vertigo corporation. The game uses the stylish black and white aesthetic as a unique, core gameplay mechanic called SHIFTING.

The SHIFT mechanic gives you the ability to invert the world to create negative space and transform barriers into escape routes.

You really have to think in a new way to overcome the game’s obstacles and free yourself from the labyrinth that awaits you, there is always a way out!

Death is always close by in Shift Quantum, so you’d better not rush as no one wants to be impaled on spikes.

Here’s an example of one of early puzzles in the game, first we move the box to align with one of the columns, then we shift the world to create space to fall through in order to reach the top of the column when shift the world back.

Shift Quantum - Shift Mechanic

We wanted Shift Quantum to be more than just a puzzle game, we aim to draw players into the world, give them purpose and ask questions.

By creating Axon Vertigo, a company specialized in cerebral contentedness programming, we were able to create depth and intrigue to the world and character.

Axon Vertigo plugs the subject into the Shift Quantum program and while you are playing through the puzzles, they analyze the neural activity of the brain to better understand its pattern recognition function and creative thinking.

Associated with other data, this is supposed to provide them with a solid base on which to improve artificial intelligence whilst helping the subjects emotional state. It’s a win-win relation, in theory, there is always a darker side. Think Recall meets The Matrix.

The company is fictional, but it has a real website,, where you can find out more information. You can even sign up to apply to be a tester and the funny thing is, people have actually applied, for real, and have even inquired about the process.

The question now is, who is the protagonist and why is he plugged into the Shift Quantum program?

You will just have to play the game when it launches on 30th May to discover the truth.

Community content

We wanted to go one step further with Shift Quantum. We know there are players out there that love to create and challenge their friends and so we have given you the opportunity to design and build your own mind-tingling puzzles.

Having a level editor open to the community was on top of our features list for Shift Quantum. The tool was created early in development, and our level designers even created everything you see and play in Shift Quantum using it. All 117 levels!

Shift Quantum

There are many different kinds of gameplay elements to play with in Shift Quantum: Moving Blocks, Color Switcher Blocks, Blower Blocks, Rotator Blocks…

Combining these blocks with the associated SHIFT mechanic, the world opens up a wide variety of gameplay combinations.

We want players to go behind the scenes to create and share their deadly levels with the whole community. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Shift Quantum

Developing Shift Quantum has been nothing but genuine enjoyment, nothing beats creating a new level and watching the team tackle it. There’s head-scratching, rage, swearing, sometimes even broken controllers, but the sheer satisfaction and rejoice on their faces when they get to the exit, makes it all worthwhile.

We hope that you will see the love we’ve put into this game and share in our excitement when it releases.

Shift Quantum

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