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A little report detailing some of the features that have been programmed so far. It has been a long journey so far and there is still more distance to cover. Check it out.

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Shellz Episode One "Stop Eating Candy"

Game Features as of Sept 5, 2014

** Note this game is designed for children. So there is NONE of the following:
Obscenity / illicit Material
Foul Language

** But there is the following:
2 Different Pearls
3 Different Gems
4 Butterfly Types
4 Different Kinds of Sharks
6 Different Diamond Types
30+ Different Coins
Above and Below water dynamics
Ball Bouncing
Beach Ball Counting and Popping
Bubble Blowing and Popping
Coin Collecting
Coin Dropper Button
Coin Spelling System
Egg Cracking
Egg Dropping
Egg Hatching
Egg Laying
Hatch-ling Management
Hide in Shell Button
Internal Items Shop
Jump Button
Life Saver
Nests and Nets
Oxygen Management for underwater mode
Parachute Button
Plinko Coins for mini Plinko board activation
Red Wagon Storage
Red and White Pearl Collecting
Save Me Button
Save and Loading of Games
Sea Life
Sliding Pull Drawers
Smashable Bricks
Soomla Economy Integration
Sparkler Button
Star Fish
Stop Button
Touch Screen Action
Tongue/Lick Button

Plus many more!

If you have a feature request message and comment!

Lenn Dolling
Skyboard Software

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