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Due to technical difficulties...and skyrim, the production on this game is delayed until quartal 1 next year. Read more about all that here.

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Hey, most of you must have forgotten about this lil game by now but its still there. If you are using the same tool as I do you are probably registered on the TGC Forums aswell where I already announced that I wont continue this game and this is...somewhat correct. Errant AI, the master of gunmodeling who made the rig I use for this however announced that certain bugs and inconveniences in the Dark AI System (yes this game is actually supposed to have somewhat smart see...THATS THE PROBLEM) will be fixed in 1.19. So this is officially on a break even though it is possible that it wont be released in this form. I hope you guys arent too disappointed because I always get mad if some free indie game gets cancelled that close before release (and by Zuul, this happens often). But its still there.

I give you some images of the final gundesigns and a list of weapons that will be in this. It will have a weaponswap system. I planned to have a 3 guns limit at first but dropped that concept. This is an oldschool shooter where you can carry 9 weapons.

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These are amateur models, no next gen wizardry, I hope you can live with that ;).

So thanks for reading.
-Serygala (Wolf)

Metal_Invader - - 809 comments

okidoki Wolf, will wait a bit longer :)

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N.Aaroe - - 2,709 comments

I have a feeling that this is worth the wait. Take your time and good luck

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ArkaZeen - - 1,696 comments


That means i have to wait a year for awesome to come out :O

aw well :(

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments, I've been watching (based on the number of comments on articles I always assumed a large number of people were) and I don't have an account on the engine's forum, so I guess this means this'll be sitting on my tracker with no updates for the next few months.

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GlassPirate - - 113 comments

I'm willing to wait, this looks great though. And you have a G3! (Or at least a G3 look-alike) :D

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booman - - 3,654 comments

Thank you for being honest and keeping the community up to date. Set backs happen all the time, enjoy your break
Play some video games!

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