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We know we've got a lot of space junkies out there, so just in time for the weekend get your fix with Shattered Origins! Guard the universe in this unique tactical shooter with elements of strategy, RPG and arcade games.

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Shattered Origins is a unique tactical shooter space opera with elements of strategy, RPG and arcade games.


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Enjoy Shattered Origins - Guardians of Unity and many other great games on Desura.


please merge with steam =( I know thats like... and impossible thing to say, but I really really don't want to buy from other services after I've invested so much in my steam library =( I'm sorry

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As much as I may dislike Steam, it is the most well-established game-hosting platform. So much so, in fact, that I limit myself to it exclusively as I prefer not to waste hard drive space with other services that I would use only once a very great while.

I thus second this suggestion.

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INtense! Author

There isn't a huge amount we can do. All I can say is there are going to be a lot of great games that don't get released on Steam, so you will miss out if you don't give other providers a shot.

Plus worse than that the indie developers who cannot get on Steam miss your support which they need to improve their games and release future titles.

I understand the reluctance but supporting indies and the competition is good and rest assured we shall work on Desura to make it better and better. It will take time but the occasional purchase support the games and site goes a long way.

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Looks cool, but I third the whole "if it's not on Steam, I'm probably not going to buy it." thing.

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This is cool, I might grab the demo. Again, like others said (and I think I'm beating a dead horse) if its not on steam, I probably won't really give it a thought.

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So Steam is now dictating what you are buying? Thats pretty sad tbh.

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Somewhat, because it is convenient. Low prices, great deals, fast downloads, in-game support to tell me how long I've played a game, what time it is, web browser, can also store and upload my screenshots on my profile so friends can see them easily. Groups, friend lists, the works.

Sure, Desura has / is poised to get many of those things, but it doesn't have many right now. It also doesn't have the popularity of Steam.

Also, pretty much every mod I've downloaded with Desura has ****** up and I had to manually install the mod, unless it's a HL mod, then it installs correctly, but any other game I try it with, the mod always installs to the wrong directory, despite "Download on Desura!" on the page.

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