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Due to the 10000 character limit, I failed to put in the background storyline for ShamuQuest, so it will be presented below.

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My name is James Cavanaugh, but recently I was referred to only as Prisoner 853. I was sentenced to death by electrocution but the Vortex Rikers crash has allowed me to avoid this fate. Another prisoner, I believe her number was 849, has also survived the crash. Well, this makes two of us. Anyway... she didn't free me, but she didn't fry me either. I got out myself... somehow. To be honest, I consider myself lucky she didn't push the ****ing button. That electric chair was one of the few things still operational on this damn ship.
Anyhow, I reckoned that I should follow her trail. It wasn't hard to trace her, all I needed to do was follow the stench of death and those bodies left behind. Kinda impressive, 849 seems a tough lady. She survived where many others didn't. I followed her down to the mines of Rrajgar and further, into the temple of Chizra. After that, I lost track of her.
After leaving the temple, I headed into the mountains. I figured that mountain areas provide more places to hide from the invaders and I would be able to survive there. Much like those Afghan people during the Soviet invasion centuries ago, I would be able to live out a fairly normal life. The life of a hunted man, but at least not a dead man. I never intend to go back to Earth, unlike 849, I did a lot to deserve my punishment and I'd rather NOT part with life just yet.
Anyway, the nearest mountains were Shamutanti so I headed there. Eventually, I reached a Nali village. Much to my surprise it was so remote and secluded that it seemed as if the Skaarj would never reach the place. So, I considered that a chance to live out a normal life, without fear or tension. Days have passed. I spent nights in the local tavern and farmed my own fruit. I started getting used to it.
Bad idea. One should never get used to a peaceful life on a planet under invasion. Sooner or later you will be found. I realized this the hard way. One day, the Shamutanti Village was attacked by a batalion of Skaarj. When one of them found me in the tavern, he stabbed me and left for dead. Lucky for me, he did not make sure I was dead.
After going back to my senses, I explored the tavern, carefully eliminating the patrolling invaders. When I got to the roof, I was shocked: before my eyes was a Nali Arch Priest. Alive, in the middle of this hell.
The story he told me was equally shocking. It seems that every benevolent Nali god, be it Chizra, the God of Water, Novana, the God of Nature, or Vandora, the Goddess of Thunder, every single one of the entire pantheon has their own reflection in the Shadow Pantheon. One of the most powerful gods in the Shadow Pantheon, perhaps even THE most powerful is Soquatre, the God of Night. His priests have struck a deal with the Skaarj: they are to rule Na Pali hand in hand and the price would be the Crown of Kings, a Nali artifact of extreme power that would allow Soquatre to tread the planet in a physical form if he obtained it. Of course, the Skaarj had no idea about the full scope of Soquatre's power, otherwise they'd known that the demonic deity would never keep his promise and seize the planet for himself. But they are unaware of Soquatre's plan to betray them and they have scattered around the area in search of the four Runes required to activate the Crown of Kings. Each Rune is not only guarded by a powerful sentinel but also taken care of by one of the Arch Priests, such as the one that I was talking to. To maintain the balance, two of the Runes were in the temples of the Shadow Pantheon, whereas the other two were secured in the temples of the benevolent deities. Terrific. If *I* do not help them, all is lost...
So, four temples to search through. To top it off, the Crown of Kings was already stolen from the Tower of Shamutanti and taken to a place the call the Citadel of Ice. Already guarded by Soquatre's minions... My luck is pure shit as it seems...
Well, I don't have much of a choice. If I don't help the Nali, I'm going to have to escape the planet, because there will be no place for me to hide if the Shadow Pantheon takes over. All will be enslaved, forced into backbreaking labor, malnourishment and indoctrination by Soquatre, no one will be able to live here normally. Be it Terran, Nali, Krall or Skaarj - Na Pali will become hell for all, regardless of species. Even worse than it is now.
Ironic as it may be, in order to save myself, I need to save everyone, and in order to save everyone, I have to fight everyone: brutes, Krall, Skaarj, Nali dark priests, demonic deities. Two words: suicide mission. But it's still better than giving up. Soquatre, time for you to write down your last will and testament, because I am coming for your head.

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