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Information regarding the release of Shadow over the Pathoras 1.0.0.

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Hello everyone !

It´s finally done ! But before I start writing about all the cool features and stuff like that I must apologize for the delay. I know I kinda overshoot the release date for lack of free time, but better later then never, right ?

I have mixed feelings about this, because this mod was technically in development for 6 years. Yes, 6 long years. The first original alpha version was made for Stranded II in 2011. As I wrote in the description of the mod, this version was never released due to engine complications and lack of interest. This is the first completed version - or port I would say, so I´m curious about your ratings and opinions. It was a lot of fun exporting graphic and recreating it in doom engine and I have to say that this version is much better and more polished than the original ever was.

If you find some bugs/error not mentioned in the txt file, report them ASAP, so I can fix it.

Features :

  • 58 levels spread across 11 hubs.
  • A large variety of environments - woods, swamps, mines, deserts...
  • Single player campaign, Coop arena and 12 levels from single player for Deathmatch for up to 8 players.
  • 12 weapons - from bare hands, sabre, mace to blunderbuss, axe and sword.
  • 2 tools - torch and shield.
  • Weapon enchanting.
  • 17 kinds of enemies.
  • A lot of original puzzles
  • instructions are packed in the zip

When I started developing this mod I borrowed a few things from GZDoom 2.2.0 decorates and also used this version during the development. From what I noticed, the newer versions of GZDoom break certain items and weapons - it tries to rename them, because the have the same names as some items from Heretic/Hexen, but this breaks then and so they don´t work as they should.

So unfortunately this mod is for GZDOOM 2.2.0 only !

Special thanks to : Doomer97, Foulerworm, Jr1616 and Leebigh.

Trailer :

Some extra screenshots :

Screenshot Doom 20170428 172819

Screenshot Doom 20170428 172835

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