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Sword and Spirit to be experimenting with Oculus Rift for the upcoming game Shades of Sanity.

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We (Sword and Spirit LLC) are looking to support the VR device that is known as Oculus Rift for the upcoming game Shades of Sanity.

Using Oculus Rift required rendering the screen twice from two different camera angles, which the device uses to display to each eye creating a stereoscopic effect. This will almost certainly result in a 50% reduction in frame rate, but we'll see what happens after a few tests. We'd also be rendering to half a screen each time so that may not causes as much of a drastic change.

The device also tracks the user's head movement via a camera that is placed on the monitor. This will allow you to "look behind you" as you're running away from something.

If everything works out we'll be showing off the device at the trade shows that we will be attending (so far ReplayFX is scheduled for next year in Pittsburgh.)

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