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update version SILENT HILL 2.2 chapter one: Sanatorium date version (13/03/2011)

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Hi friends!

Today i am uploading the new new new new version (date version 13/03/2011, the final, I promise it... yesterday version (12/03/2011) had a little bug when James dead and game over, dont work... you must to reset for play properly, sorry, i havenot a betatestters team!). Sanatorium changes now with Pyramid Head. I just need to add the animation PH attack when in contact with James.

i am using the same link (editing) for the new version, so i dont know when you can download it, while you will download the yesterday version (12/03/2011) in the same link...

When the player touch to Pyramid Head, he should make his attack, but i cant get it too! only the player will dead and the game finish (finish bug when james dead, solved too now 13/03/2011)... at the moment... sorry, maybe I will need with him...

see you, thanks and sorry my english...
the new version is properly traslate, i think... :)...

ups! and the intro dont sound... i dont know why? because into the UnrealFrontedd works properly!


-collisions bugs repair
-enemy added
-betters lights
-more optimized
-properly traslate... i think...
-traslate memories inluded, properly, of course...
-some new sounds...
-bug when james dead solved

NOTE ATI CARDS: i can see some little erros with shadows (only in near cam angles) when i used ATI cards... I dont know why? any help with that?
see you!


Your English seems to have gotten improved.
Keep it going. :)

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titobruni Author

hi thanks!...

sorry for the continuos updates... today its the last.
it´s uploading now... I corrected the dead´s James bug now!

thanks for my english.. google traslate help!

see you!

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I don't know which version I played, in this one the flashlight is bugged after death, it should work but there's no light. Is this a known bug?

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titobruni Author

yes, it do... when you dead the game must reset... but in the bug version no reset, and you can continue playing... (you must reset manually)

but anyway, you can play properly if Pyramid Head dont toch you...

now i am uploading the same version, but withou this bug! sorry...

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It's very promising. Nice work.
Here are the things you could maybe tweak a bit in future releases:

-Priority n°1: The animations, especially James' and PH's walk cycles, right now it's very unnatural and awkward (mainly for James), the movement speed and the animation don't match.

-Maybe find a way to rebind keys? Having to press "esc" every time a message appears is a bit annoying

-Send the files to someone to proof read the translation (FIXED in v13/03/2011?)

Great work so far, it has a lot of potential, keep it up.

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