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We will soon be starting work on the SG-N series which is loosely related to the stargate series. It will be placed 5 Years after "Stargate Universe". We will be using "OGRE" and "3ds Max" to create the core of the game. <Check out content for more info>

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Each player will choose one of 8 different races to play as and will take control a character of that race "which is customizable, using face create software" and travel the universe following the vast storylines to unlock the mysteries of the universe, and the ultimate goal... Ascention. Or you can just free roam to planet to planet building your empire up by waging war throughout the universe, researching new technologies, colonizing new planets, building massive cities, creating alliances, or just spend your time collecting massive amounts of resources to use to reach "YOUR" ultimate goal.

The universe is at your controll, so what will you do...

Anyone interested in working with us either for a pay after publishment plan or a paid position, let us know, either by email or pm if your interested so we can check your resume and set up a contract.
We are currently looking for the following positions.
Modeler- 3ds Max & Ogre {Position Available}-
Composer- able to do sound effects {Position Available}-
Programmer- already have someone on this but the more the better {Position Available}-
also must be farmiliar with 3ds Max and Ogre
Site Engineer- works on constructing the official site {Position Taken}
Storyline Writer- but we could still do with some help {Position Available}
Concept Artist- works on creating concepts for the modelers to follow {Position Available}

For any further information either contact me at or contact our programmer at Any help will be appreciated.

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