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this is an update on whats happening in the mod....

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This is just a quick update.
Basically, the offer is over for now
Ive finished coding (but not testing) Halo and SG into the mod. There are a few issues i cant resolve, not sure y...
For instance for some insane reason Anubis's super weapon is refusing to work. And ive tried that, and that, and that, and that... to fix it, if u know what i mean. Ive gone over it 10x and so success. Not only that but others have tried as well, we cant get it to work...

Another thing, im going to be refining all the major factions as i go. Stargate and Halo, are now im place. Im working on BSG. Ill be working on that for a while, until its fullly setup. Im not sure how long itll take, since im hopefully going back 2 work in a few days. Itll probably take a fwe more months before ive tuned the damage sets correctly.

Im also looking as squadrons for the fleet. I think ive posted this before, but i wanted to double check it with u guys before i continue with it
heres the squadron lists for the factions so far. The main ones i want to check are the Babylon 5 and Wing Commander ones. Ive got it more or less worked out. T1-3 get 1 support ship, 4-6 get 2, 7-9 get 3, 10 gets 20, since its the carrier, 11 gets 4, 12 gets 4. Heroes will also get there own combo of support ships. And theyll be a combo of fighters and fighter bombers.

Ive also changed the roles of the bombers in the mod as well. THeyve gone from being specific bombers to be more of a fighter bomber roll. They will default to fighter, but if u activate the bomb ability, theyll start firing bombs instead.

Also when it comes to balance, size is everything. We all saw the balance sheet i posted a few months back, suggesting how i was going 2 balance it all in. Well ive decided that the size ofthe ship should be reflected in its health. All ships <1km have standard heath, but <2km get x2 heath, <3 get x3 health etc. Ive done this because i found the larger ships were getting there buts kicked by smaller ones because of this difference. Amd once i implemented that it became more of a fair fight.

That said im still open to all feedback, even if previously posted in regard to the recent, no longer available internal i posted here. Quite a few people downloaded it and tested it, so im open to all feedback on that.

Anyway heres the squadron list (due to update errors i will put some in as comments or something)

Star Wars
T1 - Corellian Corvette - X-wing x1
T2 - Acclamator Assault Ship - Tie fighter x1
T3 - Interdictor Cruiser - Tie fighter x1
T4 - Broadside Class Cruiser - none
T4s- Crusader Gunship - Star Viper x1
T5 - MC30 Frigate - X-wing x2
T6 - Alliance Assault Frigate - X-wing x2
T7 - Victory Destroyer - Tie fighter x2
T8 - Nebulon B Frigate - X-wing x2
T8s- Kedalbe Battleship - Star viper x3
T9 - Calamari Cruiser - X-wing x2 y-wing x1
T10- Trade Federation Battleship - Vulture Driod x20
T11- Star Destroyer - Tie Fighter x2 Tie bomber x2
T12- Venator - Jedi fighter x5 V19 x5
H3 - Sundered Heart - X-wing x1
H4 - Yoda - Jedi x1
H5 - Home One - X-wing x3 Y iwng x2
H6 - Accuser Star Destroyer - Tie Fighter x3 Tie Bomber x1
H7 - Super Stardestroyer - Tie fighterx5 Tie bomber x3

Star Trek
T1 - Constitution - T9x1
T2 - Excelsior Lakota - T9x1
T3 - Nebula - T11x1
T4 - Dominion Destroyer - None
T4s- L19 - None
T5 - Galaxy - T11 x2
T6 - Intrepid - Aeroshuttle x1 T11 x1
T7 - Cardassian Keldon - none
T8 - Romulan Warbird - none
T8s - Negh var (C9) - none
T9 - Domian Capital Ship - none
T10- Excalibur - Aeroshuttle x20
T11- Sovereign - T11 x3 Danube LB x1
T12- Borg Tact Cube - none
H3 - Kirk - T9x2
H4 - BOP - none
H5 - Defiant - T11 x2
H6 - Voyager - T11x3
H7 - Picard - T11 x4 Danube HB x2

T1 - Firestar - Viper Mk2 x1
T2 - Tiger - Viper Mk2 x2
T3 - Max - old raider x2
T4 - Talos - Viper Mk2 x3
T4s - Defender - Viper Mk2 x3
T5 - Tantarus - Viper Mk2 x4 Raptor x1
T6 - Attackstar - Cylon Raider x2
T7 - Valkyrie - Viper Mk7 x3 Raptor x2
T8 - Seraphin - Viper Mk7 x5 Raptor x3
T8s- Columbia - Viper Mk7 x2 Mk2 x3
T9 - Bezerk - none
T10- Hades - Old Raider x10
T11- Mercury_Class - Viper Mk7 x7 Raptor x2
T12- New_Basestar - Cylon raider x4 Heavy raider x1
H3 - Apollo Firestar - Viper Mk2x2
H4 - Kendra Valkyie - Viper Mk7 x2
H5 - The_Galactica - Viper Mk2 x2 Mk7 x1 Raptor x1
H6 - Pepasus - Mk7 x4 Raptor x2
H7 - John Basestar - New Raider x4 Heavy Raider x2

T1 - Neptune Corvette - tac fighter x1
T2 - Reaper - Dragonfly x1
T3 - Darkling - Dragonfly x1
T4 - Scoproin - Dragonfly x2
T4s- Horned Devil - Dragonfly x2
T5 - Methuselah - Tac x2
T6 - Alaska Heavycruiser - Tac x2 Interceptor x1
T7 - Blisterwing - Zipfly x2
T8 - Geneva - Tac x2 Interceptor x 1 Sicon x1
T8s- Athena - Interceptor x 3 Sicon x2
T9 - Blackcorsair - Zip x2 Wasp x2
T10- Saratoga - Tac x20
T11- Star Battleship - Interceptor x3 Sicon x2
T12- Deathshead - Wasp x3 Zipfly x2
H3 - Valley Forge - Tac Fighter x2
H4 - Rodger Young - Tac fighter x3
H5 - Command Bug - Zipfly x5
H6 - Ryuho - Int x3 Sicon x1
H7 - Shiloh - Int x4 Sicon x2

Babylon 5
T1 - Hyperion - starfury x1
T2 - Drazi Fire bird - none
T3 - Nova class - starfury x1
T4 - Avioki Class - none
T4s- Omega Class - starfury x2
T5 - Minbari Frigate - mjinbari fighter x2
T6 - Centauri Vorchan Attack Cruiser - none
T7 - White Star - minbai fighter x2
T8 - Vorlon capital ship - Lightning??
T8s- Omega X - starfurys x4
T9 - Minbari War Cruiser - minbari fighter x3 bomber x1
T10 - Drakh Carrier - Drakh Raider x20
T11 - Shadow Battle crab - shadow fighter x4
T12 - Third space - widge looking fighters x5
H3 - Ach Hammer (hyperion) - starfury x1
H4 - G'Quan - FRAZI fighter x2
H5 - Omega Hero - starfury x3
H6 - Warlock - starfury x4
H7 - Excalibur - starfury x5

I need help with this one. Theres a list of the lighters/bombers at the top of each faction. Can someone link them to ships. If some dont have fighters then just write non next to them
Wing Commander

Piranha - light fighter
Arrow - carrier fighter
Bearcat - heavy fighter
Ratooth - supergate heavy fighter
Excalibur - light bomber
Black Widow - heavy bomber

T1 - Murphy -
T2 - Ralarrad -
T3 - Pelican -
T4 - Waterloo -
T4s- Concom -
T5 - Fralthi Cruiser -
T6 - Zhu Feng -
T7 - Hades -
T8 - Plunkett -
T8s- Shaalkhar -
T9 - Confederation -
T10 - Vesuvius - Arrow x20
T11- Enterprise -
T12- Kilrathi Dreadnought -
H3 - Bengal -
H4 - Julgal Nar (prince) -
H5 - T.C.S Plunkett -
H6 - Thrak Hath (commander) -
H7 - Midway -

Spinobreaker Author

T1 - BC-304 - F302 x1
T2 - Old Hatak - Death GLider x1
T3 - Cloaking Hatak - Death Glider x1
T4 - Anubis Hatak - Death Glider x2
T4s- replispider - replifighter x1
T5 - Wraith Cruiser - Dart x2
T6 - Asgard Beliskner - none
T7 - Ori Warship - Ori Fighter x2
T8 - Oniell - none
T8s - Replicapital - replifighter x3
T9 - BC304 Mk2 - F302 x2 Jumper x1
T10- Wraith Hive - Dart x 20
T11- Carter - none
T12- Aurora - Jumper - none
H3 - Prometheus - F302 x 2
H4 - Apophis - Death Glider x 2 Alkesh x 1
H5 - Anubis - Death Glider x 3 Alkesh x 2
H6 - Daedalus - F302 x3 Jumper x1
H7 - Thor - None

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T1 - Hyperion - starfurys
T2 - Drazi Fire bird - none
T3 - Nova class - starfurys or thunderbolts
T4 - Avioki Class - dont know if they have a name
T4s- Omega Class - starfurys or tunderbolts
T5 - Minbari Frigate - NIAL is the name of the fighters and they dont have bombers
T6 - Centauri Vorchan Attack Cruiser - none
T7 - White Star - 4 nail fighters
T8 - Vorlon capital ship - Lightning
T8s- Omega X - starfurys / thunderbolts
T9 - Minbari War Cruiser - Nail
T10 - Drakh Carrier - Drakh Raider x20
T11 - Shadow Battle crab - shadow fighters
T12 - Third space - dont know the name
H3 - Ach Hammer (hyperion) - starfurys
H4 - G'Quan - FRAZI fighter
H5 - Omega Hero - tunderbolts starfurys
H6 - Warlock - thunderbolts
H7 - Excalibur - thunderbolt

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Minbari Frigate - NIAL is the name of the fighters and they dont have bombers minbary flyers can go here there not bombers but ok

Minbari War Cruiser - Nail flyers

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Spinobreaker Author

thanks, how bout shielded/non-shielded for the same list
All fighters/bombers ingame are unsheilded for balance reasons, but the others can vary. By sheilded i mean stargate/trek style shields, and non-sheilded is more like battlestar. So basically if the dont have proper shields then theyre non-sheilded

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spinno, you can check out the arnaments/defences on this link, for most capital ships, also, the third space suport ship is called "3Alpha" according to further more I also dont think the Avioki carries any fighter support in it's bays... but the brakiri have fighters so you can add 2 of those for balancing....

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well in b5 they dont have shields they have intersepters that fires at incoming missiles fire ect.

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the avioki dose carrie's fighters i dont know the name of them

as stated here

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the uptade you had in only 12 hours so was many of the halo and stargate ships with no sound and sometimes I heard it but it was a bit so if you can fix the sounds on the stargate it would be nice and some mucis would be awsome its so quiet when I played it I was felling so lonly :P hehe

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When u can't get something to work, it's just one of those moments where technology isn't perfect.

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about the 12 hours only update, whenever i start the game it crashes and iv tried to reinstall it several times and ive made sure that the files are in the correct folders but it still crashes. oh well i'll wait for the next one lol

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the cake is a lie

kaken er en løgn

kagen er en løgn

ciasto jest kłamstwem

der Kuchen ist eine Lüge

kakan är en lögn

la torta es una mentira

kek bir yalan

de taart is een leugen

le gâteau est un mensonge

kaka er lygi

bu keks bir yalandır

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