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A server is going UP for starflier as I speak! Read for more information!

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Breaking news,

I have found someone to host a starflier server! The server will be a 24/7 server with support for 64 people. It will always be running the latest version of the starflier mod.

We are putting the server online as we speak, we have some port forwarding bugs to work out, and then it will be open for all! Why play on your pc when you can play a server?

As soon as the server comes up, a new news item will be posted detailing the server.

Note: This will be a starflier + gls (global server workaround) server, no other mods! It will be open pvp, so watch your back.

I will also be increasing release cycles from 1 week to 1 month in response, that way the server won't have to be updated and you wont have to worry about updating the mod constantly.

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