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Serious Sam 3 has gone through several design and prototyping rounds dating back as far as 2007. Full production, though, began only after Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter was finished last year. Yes, there were quite a few things we wanted to do, or to do better, that were not possible in 2001. Our proprietary Serious Engine 3 tech has allowed us to fully realize our vision for the game.

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Serious Sam 3: BFE covers the events that happened on Earth, at the peak of Mental's invasion, and that lead into Sam entering the Timelock you see in the original games. This time around, the story is much more integrated into the game - i.e the progression across levels, equipment and enemies is more tied to story and character interactions. But we took special care to make sure the story and cut-scenes don't get in your way when playing. Especially when re-playing the game for 100th time. Fun adrenaline-filled action gameplay and freedom in playing are our primary goals. Fear not - we will not allow Sam to become a FMV-based rail shooter. The basic idea still is that you have to eliminate Mental's hordes very fast while frantically trying to stay alive. And there's spawning - wherever it is required to achieve fun action gameplay. But we have diversified the way fights develop, by using much more different layouts and giving the player ability to explore the areas in different ways. But this is something that is best experienced when playing. The idea is visually and conceptually exactly the same as in 2001: to put bizarre and monstrous alien forces into realistic, bright and open spaces, then let the player engage them while destroying everything in sight. Serious Sam 3 visuals are exactly on the same track. Serious Sam 3 is not done in cartoony colors of Serious Sam 2, but it is certainly not based around dark tones. In fact, most environment textures are based on real-world photos from authentic locations and match the realistic colors.

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