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Series 2 of the models I did previously slowly getting done into low poly models ready to be textured and put ingame, aswell as planning ahead for the future.

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So hey again Ladies and Gents,

Dave here (obviously) bringing you another update, first off, be sure to check Johns page frequently "Unreal Tactical" as hes slowly getting stuff done now, I sent a bunch of models over from the AC parts built so far to get tested ingame at some point, so I cant wait to see what goes on with those.

I have had good reception with the idea on my end, and also the 2 min teaser was a good starting point, Im still in abit of a mix up when it comes to the story line, as coming up with an interesting narative that fits the AC universe isnt as easy as you may think, I have of course though got the basics down, so that I just need to figure small portions out and then I am done with the raw script.

Its mainly just motivations for certain groups I need to work on now , and a few little things here and there, nothing too major.

Anyways, what do I mean by series 2? , well Im kinda doing what they did for the old Halo figurines , they had them released in series and each series had so many figures in them, thing is , its an easy way of keeping track of what models I have done so far, so Series 1 obviously contains the transport, plus all the parts for Limit Breaker and Azure, Series 2 will feature alot more weapons, and extra parts obviously like the Crest Head I recently showed off in the gallery, plus more weapon arms to come, the back mounted grenade launcher (hopefully), and alot more.

Im also at the moment trying to work on one large asset , which is giving me a few pains because its never been properly in an AC game before, and thus I only have one reference image to work off, anyway I hope to get that finished too.

Also in other news, I might be on a Hiatus with my updates from the 30th till god knows when, I`ll probably get stuff done , but not as much seeing as how Im going to a party on the 30th, then on the 1st I am watching Iron Man 2 , then on the 3rd its the start of the Halo Reach Beta, and I ... being a huge Halo fan will be playing that to death , or as much as I can get away with anyway...

Anyways, I`ll be back soon with more updates, keep an eye in the gallery :D



Reach! Reach! Reach! Doesn't Iron Man 2 come out May 7th?

Series 2 sounds like it'll be hectic, wondering what that large asset is, eh?

Anyways, have fun!

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Moodydave Author

Can`t say, if I get it done , its gonna be epic, if I dont its on the cutting room floor.

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Halo can wait... literally, it's been around long enough (look at marathon, Halo's Grandaddy...hell that could be halo for all we knew lol)

Armored core hasn't had a thing come out for the PC lovers (and the playstation / xbox community has to wait another what year for AC5 to be released)

anyways, loving the updates... guess i shouldnt really rant xD since youre the one whos doing it all for us fans here.

have a good May though dave :D

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