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A sneak peek into our modelers' progress on the future bonus pack weapons!

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In order to satiate our ever expanding need to find new ways to blow stuff up, our modelers have begun working overtime to advance on V10 while the coders and animators finish up V9. Shown below are a couple of the pieces already made by our talented modelers.

First up is a modern rendition of the M202 FLASH rocket launcher by Blade_Sword. This powerful four-barreled launcher can launch up to four incendiary rockets at once to carpet an area in beautiful fire. What it lacks in guidance systems and showy lasers is more than made up for with raw firepower.

FG50 Heavy Machine Gun
Loosely based off the venerable WWII FG42, Blade_Sword's FG50 is a .50 caliber lead spitter that rivals BW's own M925 machine gun. It fires full length .50 BMG cartridges and has nothing more than a handle to control it. Users can abandon accuracy for raw firepower with this beast.

R2 Atomic "Ronald" Raygun
Embrace 50s tech with Blade_Sword's R2 Raygun! Built by President Reagan himself, this weapon will destroy enemies with the power of SCIENCE. Guaranteed to shoot green glowy things! For kids 4 and up.

M10 Jackson Automag
The powerful AMT Automag is reborn in BW thanks to the enigmatic modeler known only as Kien. Some say this gun shoots bullets, others say it shoots quantum tunneling portals. We like to believe that both people are right.

MARS-2 Assault Rifle

A new design by contributor TurdDrive, the MARS-2 is the infantryman's dream. It comes with a grip for accurate fire, a scope for those ranged baddies, and a magazine to keep those baddies occupied. *Trigger not included.*

Computica - - 692 comments


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TurdDrive - - 241 comments

~There is a trigger now ~ haha

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Marcho70 - - 101 comments

Can't wait!

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Sgt - - 193 comments

I can't wait till thing is finished... no really i cant im bouncing out of my seat

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Legend_Carisso - - 37 comments

WoW...... That is truly impressive! You know something though? This probably isn't the place for this but: ....In all of UT2K4, there is not a SINGLE Energy Sword (Yes, I mean that beautiful blue-ish purple-ish sword from Halo) to be found. Someone created an Energy Sword for UT3 though. -.-

What would "sate" my appetite? One of these babies in UT2004. It would DEFINITELY be one of my most used swords of all time, right up there with that katana in the BW complete pack. I am kind of curious though. I still have Ballistic Weapons v2.5 set up. When this new pack is released, will we have to uninstall that, and install the v9 pack coming out? Or simply unzip/install this on top of it?

~Ballistic Weapons Forever!

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Sgt.Kelly Author
Sgt.Kelly - - 113 comments

This new pack can just be installed right on top of it, and it does indeed have a glowing blue energy sword. ;) It's a lot stronger than all those silly non-glowing melee weapons.

We also have a sword that generates an electromagnetic field which absorbs incoming energy and turns it into raw slicing power. :D

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Kazimaru - - 19 comments

I'm having trouble getting this to work online... regular ballistic weapons work fine, but these weapons, when chosen from the Ballistic load out menu, do not appear.

Despite me and my friends having the mod installed properly, only the host can use them (in the case of a listen server). Is there something I'm missing?

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Sgt.Kelly Author
Sgt.Kelly - - 113 comments

It looks like you may be missing the proper server packages, try adding the things listed below to your UT2004.ini file.

//Optional ServerPackages=BWBPPrototypes

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Fighter@123 - - 3 comments

I have downloaded the bw pack but some of the weapons dont have the textures they are supposed to have they appear white and shiny also one thing I noticed that when I get the damage amplifier pickup the guns have their original texture but as soon as it gets over its back to the white guns.somebody help please!!!!!

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Legend_Carisso - - 37 comments

Speaking of which, I was gaming online (For once.), and when I logged on, I saw.... some rather odd... changes. Firstly, there was some wierd-looking gametype, where if you're killed, you're frozen solid like ice. Secondly, there were some maps I'd never seen before, PLUS BW-themed loading screens. Also, some other weapons. The only one I could remember was an SRS-600. Looked like the SRS-900, but fired differently. Acted differently as well.

There was also a weapon that looked something the S-AR-12. BUT, instead of having a laser pointer, it had a flasher mode on it. The butt of the gun could be pulled out though. Any idea what's up with that? Also, loving the Dragon Nanoblade. ...I'd still like a Halo Type-1 Energy Sword though. Maybe the other Halo Weapons for the heck of it. I DO know for a fact Microsoft allows this, because according to their lawyer, it was "perfectly legal" to port the Master Chief character to UT3. So long as it wasn't for profit. ...But that dream will probably remain just that; a dream. :P

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steddy96 - - 315 comments

I found the prototypes of this weapon; the link is this:

I already knew you were working on version 10, so I thought I had released the prototypes. And 'I found them.

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KleskDragon - - 7 comments

This mod roxz! I can't wait for the next pack. And to think I used to play this game without ballistic weapons, now I could never go without it! XD

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