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Throughout history, the working class were an after thought to the nobles and ruling classes. But in Feudums, keeping your serfs happy may just prove to be the game-winning edge you need to seize the crown.

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Even Serfs Have the Right to be Happy!

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Any successful modern business person will tell you that a company’s employees are its greatest resource. Back in medieval days, it wasn’t any different. Well okay, it was a lot different because employees were called serfs and they weren’t paid. And didn’t have medical care. Or time off. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t important.

And that’s the way it is in a new game, FEUDUMS, a medieval 4X MMO-strategy game releasing in 2016.

While the game has three main resource types: coins, materials and food; its people are its most important resource. Without a population of serfs working their tails off, there would be no one to mine that gold and iron, plant and reap the crops and all the other work which has to be done in order for everyone to survive.

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The people of your lands are the glue which holds it all together. Treat them well, keep them fed and protected and don’t take all their money in taxes, and they just might be your secret weapon as you fight to become the High King! In addition, happy workers are productive workers and, more importantly, don’t revolt!

A happy and growing population of serfs is crucial to a player’s success in the game. A lord’s priorities are many but your population is limited by the available housing. A player needs to strike a balance between gathering different types of resources, upgrading tiles and using their serfs in military campaigns.

The duties of a serf are plentiful and fall within six categories...

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