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just put this file in your base folder and start a new game ,remove other animation mods to avoid conflict

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The blocking button is the USE key + Any direction key
-------------------------------------------------------THIS SABER SYSTEM REQUIRES SKILL AND TIMING ,SWINGING WILDLY WITHOUT THOUGHT WILL USUALLY GET YOU KILLED..................
many sabers have different speeds ,alt attack is either kick or saber throw,
some sabers have different moves and blocking abilitys.most sabers will kill with one hit.holding block alone will activate auto block at a cost of force points.holding block and direction key is more difficult against projectiles, i.e blaster shots.however far more effective against saberswings.both blocking and dodge are availible with time and practice you should be able to do both at will.NPC,S Now also have a better ability to block giving balance to saber battles.Gunner NPC,S ie.stormtroopers are now far more inteligent(not like me :)and will attack with fierce accuracy and they will dodge incoming shots and saber swings making them much
more realistic to fight.Saber animations have been slightly slowed down for better human reaction time and accuracy,giving better balance to saber duels.Installation:
place zzz_Serenity Sabering mod.pk3 and jaconfig.cfg files into GameData/base folder of Jedi academy
bugs:The use of cheats and typing helpusobi 1 will seriously disrupt the blocking as it is hard coded into the sp source code,noticable by causing the
inability to move and block .if this happens type hulpusobi 0 or mouse3 is also binded to helpusobi 0 and saberattackcycle.Anybody may use this mod......:)credit would be nice but not essential.THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR

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