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This month, .Twi has released a slew of great custom items for Raven Shield multiplayer servers!

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In preparation for the month of September, I've been hard at work with some new mods to liven up the Rainbow Six: 3 multiplayer experience. This includes new guns, optics, and gadgets!


(All guns come with awesome 3D sights and a selection of custom camouflages.)

  • Remington Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) - a well-balanced assault rifle in 556 NATO.
  • Remington Semi-Auto Sniper System (RSASS) - a highly-accurate sniper in 762 NATO.
  • Kriss Vector - a very quick submachine gun in 9mm.
  • Glock 18 - a machine pistol with a high rate of fire in 9mm. (For the month of September, the Glock 18 is exclusive to AllR6 donors, developers, and supporters, and it will be released for everyone in the upcoming October supply drop.)


EDIT: this download has been removed since it was causing some crashes in multiplayer games. I will try to get this fixed and re-released ASAP.

(Optics can be placed on any gun that could take a miniscope, as well as more! They can be used with a silencer at the same time. You can also customize your reticules.)

  • ACOG Scope - a highly-accurate 4x scope.
  • Eotech Holographic Sight - a quick sight for close-to-mid-range combat.
  • M68 Red Dot Sight - an extremely fast dot sight for close combat.


  • Flashlight - can be placed on primary or secondary weapon (or both at once). Great for blinding opponents in Adversarial modes.
  • Medical Kit - use to heal an injured teammate or yourself!
  • Proximity Mine - a re-release of an old favorite.


New weapons for September:

New optical gadgets:


  • Improved Custom Guns Mod (required for installing custom weapons and items):

Improved Custom Guns Mod

  • Optical Gadget Upgrade Mod (for the ACOG, Eotech, and M68 sights):

    (Removed - see edit above)

  • Adaptive Combat Rifle:

Adaptive Combat Rifle for multiplayer servers

  • Remington Semi-Auto Sniper System:

Remington Semi-Auto Sniper System for multiplayer

  • Kriss Vector:

Kriss Vector for multiplayer servers

  • New items (flashlight, med kit, etc):

New Items for multiplayer - inc Flashlight + more

... And keep your eyes open for the October Supply Drop from .Twi ...

ac11b - - 139 comments

Is there ANY way we could use these incredible new items in offline modes? I play on the MP servers all the time, it's a blast but sometimes you just need some terrorist hunt with a long, detailed planning phase to clear your head.

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.Twi Author
.Twi - - 224 comments

The weapons can be used offline, with some bugs: you can add the package names ending in _d to the m_aDescriptionPackage list in your Ravenshield.mod file. There is currently no way to make the optics work in SP, though I'm planning it for the future!

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ac11b - - 139 comments

awesome thanks!

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.Twi Author
.Twi - - 224 comments

My reply was incomplete; you'll need to rename the UTX files as U files and place them in the system folder to make this work. But I am currently working on making all this stuff work as a single-player mod, without any of these limitations or bugs.

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