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A news summery about the September 2014 update for Alliance at War. And me mentioning a few dilemmas.

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I am uploading a September update for Alliance at War. This is just another minor one. I have been working on the A.I. I up their aggressiveness slightly in a number of past updates, this time I am doing it again. I want them to take advantage of poorly defended systems. I know what you might say, why should we re-download the whole mod again just for an A.I. fix? Do not worry, that is not the only thing I am including in the update. I gave the Imperials another frigate. Now you can say you have something else to shoot at or use to attack, too. It is a Dreadnought. It is a old warship from before the Clone Wars. But it can take a punch -- more so than an Acclamator. It is smaller than a Acclamator but it is still tough. I have it listed as a medium frigate.

About civilians helping helping factions in battle. I want to up their damage for battles, but during the reign of the Empire people face many weapon laws. High powered weapons were against the Imperial law, so I am not certain if I am going to do the. I might up their defense, but I do not believe every single civilian would own combat armor. It is a dilemma.

Also, I wanted to mention adding planets. I know there are already 90, and a few of them do not have their own maps, but I am considering adding more. More is usually better, right?

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