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New milestones for a new season. We are currently updating our site and reprioritising the news stream. See how this will affect you on moddb.

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New milestones

Robo is currently focusing on working with the environmental props for the maps, and will be making weapons for Kenpachi and Nnoitra. We expect these to be the final milestones for the modelling before the first release.
Animations will follow as characters are completed.

We still have a huge list for the coding, some new challenges have been found and it has been chosen that we need to handle those before a release.

The camera position is being improved and we want to implement a zooming effect when charging a kido attack. So far the dynamic camera position is not considered a part of this milestone.

There will be an UI update, which means that we will be making a new sprite system, as the current system isn't handling scaling very well. With the new system we expect to be able to use png files and fix the scale problem, so the resolution won't be a problem.

Marc Jovani has joined the team and will make the ingame music. The music will be for maps atmosphere, game menu, and other triggered situation. (ex battle) This isn't completely planned, so these are currently able to change.We are seeking a developer to do SoundFX for the character actions and menu items.


At the last meeting we decided that making a lot of post on moddb is quite difficult if we also have to make them interesting. As well are moddb expecting a certain quality; so we can't just write a small update and expect that everyone who got interest for the mod actually see it.
Since we haven't received an application for PR, we have concluded that we will move the focus from moddb to This choice has certain expectations and affects.

  • We will focus on using the forum for certain announcements, so we get a better debate and feedback. The users will also be able to distinct developers from other users.
  • We will be able to have a better representation of the news and it will be directed towards our community.
  • There are no advertisement on our page and news are instantly posted.
  • Every developer can upload content to the site, update the articles and only need to worry about PR in one space.


  • Moddb will only receive big announcements / updates
  • Some content will be exclusive to
  • A lot of the users who don't read this update, will be asking if the mod is dead
  • A lot who read it will also be asking if the mod is dead...
  • Moddb is second hand, every update here is definitely later than at bzsmod. - Jobs will also be requested here if we don't receive any word from our site.
  • Fewer answers to comments on moddb.

We hope you will use our forum, as we would love to receive your feedback to the mod and debate the contents.We are currently performing some updates at the site, but expect to complete this transition before October.


Some news are better than no news and that I'm glad of, good to see that you are working on it.

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eliasr AuthorSubscriber

Indeed, but we think we can improve the news by posting at our own site than moddb.
Essentially because we don't have a lot of work completed at the same time, which causes our development news to be rather smaller than what moddb approves for frontpage posting.

This means that only our trackers and those constantly checking the latest news, will know of our updates here.
Since that is the case we would be able to provide better news by using our site, and hopefully also get some activity in the forum.

Then moddb will only receive larger news with good content; but delayed compared to

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That seems a smart way of doing it, and it is like bikkebakke said some news is better than no news but I also think you are giving a huge amount of info each month, it may not be gameplay wise or pics regarding the game but these updates on how you guys are progressing on the mod I find rather interesting.

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