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Yes yes, I know. I hate that word too. But it's not that bad. Trust me!

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Hi everyone.

I hate the word "delayed" as much as you, but well, sometimes things just don't go the way we wanted. We are delaying the release HOUR of Segatakai. We won't release at midnight but we WILL release during June 10th.

The reason is actually very simple. We have a Launcher included with our game, but since we are releasing the game on the UDK Engine, without a license (because it's a free game) we are stuck to using the UDK Installer. And we can't (or at least I still haven't found a way) add external files to the installer. Plus, it will always prompt the user to launch the game (not the launcher, but the UDK executable) and it won't create a shortcut for the launcher as well, but for the executable. Which is something we don't want. At all.

We're trying to find a way to do this, avoiding putting the whole thing in a .rar (the installer + the launcher) and have people manually move the Launcher to the root folder of the game and replace the created shortcuts. That's not intuitive at all.

Plus, we added a new feature to the game that will probably extend replayability. You'll know when it's out.

About the launch event - it's cancelled!

To make up for this, we will have a live event next weekend, same basic idea, playing the game while speaking with the devs, maybe more people will join since the game will have been out for almost a week.

And that is it. Sorry for this, we had planned on using our own installer, but upon further reading the UDK Documentation it's clear we are not able to do so and must find another way around.

Anyway it's not far now! Stay tuned, and thanks to all of you who showed interested and tracked the game! You'll be playing it very soon.

Fábio Guedes,
Negative² Games

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