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V0.61 release. v0.61 is fixing many blocking bugs of v0.6 and improve gameplay.

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Swat Elite Force: First Responders v0.61

Make sure to sure to join "SEF: First Responders" server on Discord for feedbacks, bug reports and coop game making!


just copy folder in main Swat4 folder.

In SEF_FR/Extra folder there is the EXE to launch mod.


#### V0.61 FEATURES ####


- Scar H Aimpoint Suppressed sound .

- G36K Holo Suppressed sound crash the server

- Toolkit lockpick dont open/lock door after use

- CS gas crash!!!!!!!

- reverted Unauth. use of force penalty to SEF7


-new Ninebang explosion sound

- Ryker's Tasers sounds

- Run speed revised : now "No Armor" is SEF speed level , "Ceramic Armor" FR level , "Kevlar Armor" something in between the two.

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