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Stable Release is almost here! Make sure to sure to join "SEF: First Responders" server on Discord for feedbacks, bug reports and coop game making!

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Swat Elite Force: First Responders v0.66 Stable

We are finally arrived to the Stable version!
So many new features and QOL changes has made this the best (trash?) FR version ever!

Make sure to sure to join "SEF: First Responders" server on Discord for feedbacks, bug reports and coop game making!


#### V0.66 ####



  1. - Lean/Walk System , ability to lean and walk.... finally an hystoric moment for Swat4 modding!
    New and old lean system are working together for a complete... lean experience!

    NEW LEAN - Lean Left ( Default Q ) and Lean Right ( Default E ) - new lean/walk system
    OLD LEAN - Hold Command (Default CTRL ) + Lean Left ( Default Q ) and Hold Command (Default CTRL ) + Lean Right ( Default E )

  2. Partial Open Door System will swing the door partially, making possible to shoot or throw a grenade.

    You can bind new keys or holding Hold Command ( default CTRL ) and Low Ready Up/Down ( Default Mouse Wheel Up/Down )

  3. NEW TAC-AID: Maglite Torch! Using the light makes evidence glowing to allow player a faster search of them. Even AI can use this feature when got ordered to secure evidence!

    J to equip torch
    Toggle Flashlight to highlight evidence

  4. Disable Penalty Messages option for SP (in game settings options) and MP (forced to all players in Advanced server settings )
  5. Fleeing suspects are considered threat if running with a gun within 15 mts from a player
  6. Restored Weapon Zoom (disabled by default).


  1. Suspects and officers can punch their enemies at very close range!
  2. Suspects AI morale overhaul , now 15% more intiale morale.They can also "fake" dropping all weapons and decide to attack you with a chance based on skill level.


  1. NEW OFFICERS TEXTURES (Thanks to AceVentura) !
  2. new body armors (from vanilla) , Level II armor and Kevlar (no sleeves).
  3. new headgear ( boonie hat , ballistic glasses )
  4. New Minimal HUD (optional)
  5. Dynamic shell textures on Breaching SG an Benelli M4 depending on shell type.
  6. New "Shake Camera" added when get shot or near a C2 blast.
  7. Camera shake when player has been hit and close to a C2 explosion.
  8. New "reduced" Ninebang effects


  1. New EXPLOSIONS and WEAPONS Sounds overhaul! ( Thanks to Multi ! )


  1. Stuttering and weight bugs in MP : removed old SEF system in change of a new simplified system with better net performances.
  2. Suspects can remove wedges only within 35 mts from players.
  3. Trapped doors are signaled by AI only there are traps in the map.
  4. MP heavy mesh texture bug

Have fun and report bugs in #bugs-report channel on Discord server as always.

You can also check the github repository and report issues there:


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