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I managed to see the models. They look pretty good.

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I managed to see the models. They look pretty good. The last 15 days I wasn't able to check them out, as I couln't download them, but now I'm home and can download whatever i want to.

I've been talking to Vicyouz and he knows how to improve them, also I've got fresh new textures for them, he will align them.
This is not an spoiler

Although you may think what's that spoiler is supposed to mean is that I've confirmed the first 4 characters YEAH!, those 6 will be:

Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Quan Chi, Noob Saibot and Raiden.

You may been thinking right now is, WHY THE HELL ARE MISSING CHARACTERS THERE?. My answer it's simple, we are lazy as the shit itself (no, really we are), and been playing tf2 too much to get to work.

I repeat the features the mod might have
Thirdperson DONE!
Life bars Not Yet (Don't expect numbers anymore).
Campaign mode We don't have the maps yet but It's a planned feature and it might be short.
Coop mode The same as campaign mode, although won't be the same missions, also not so sure about this one.


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