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The Wc3:WoW Development Team is in need of a new web designer/webmaster. If you've got what it takes, contact us immediately!

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Calling all skilled web designers and webmasters! The Wc3:WoW Development Team is looking for a replacement web designer/webmaster to rework our currently messy Wc3:WoW website which can be viewed here:

Right now, the website has a couple useless pages, it's cluttered with content, unorganized, and does not fit the WarCraft theme we're going for. More specifically we'd like the site to look more World of Warcraft themed rather than WarCraft III. If you are good at designing the art for websites (you need to prove it with legit samples otherwise I decline you without thinking any further of it) and implementing them via HTML (Sorry, we don't use PHP or anything other than HTML... maybe Flash, but you'll need to code the entire site then yourself!) then you are exactly what we're looking for!

As far as the layout of the site goes, we'd like something along the lines that CloudWolf - head of Diablo III: WarCraft mod - made for his site:
It's professional, clean, organized, and the theme of the website's design/art fits the Diablo III theme which its mod is based upon. We want our site to look similar, but World of Warcraft (original, not TBC or WotLK themed!) based. If you can help us, you can contact me or the team with the contact information provided below:

Contact Information:

You can also contact any of us at The Hive Workshop or our other forum!

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