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Sector7Games has secured the deal to take this project over. We are a new indie company who want to create great games, so watchers you better watch because this game isn't dead.

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Hello, I would like to announce that Sector7Games has took this game over and now are developing it, we have big plans for it but we are currently developing another game (Dead Inside) so this project will be put on hold until further notice.

What does put on hold mean ? :
This means that God Worlds isn't going to be in development until Dead Inside is finished but this will not affect the game and we will still come back to this game and hopefully do tiny updates so you guys can play it.

Platforms changes ? :
There might be some changes in platforms, we are still going to release it on Mac, Windows and Linux but we are also debating whether we should make a version for Android and IOS so gamers can have a pocket version and play it on the move!

Deals ! :
So deals your thinking... well the deal is if you pre order Dead Inside alpha you will get God Worlds for half price on its release. And also if you donate five pound or more you will also get a percentage off God Worlds at release (Percentage off is 25%).

Slow updates :
So to reiterate myself we will update this game with tiny updates but not every couple of days because of our current project but you guys will see around 2-3 updates a month.

So thank you for reading and I hope you are still going to watch this project and also check our other project out (Dead Inside) as well.

Website :
Dead Inside : ">


Truly enjoyable god games are few and far these days, so I'm not sure why did you chose to hold on developing this for a generic zombie game which there are millions on the market. But it's your call.

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Sector7-Games Author

Dont worry we will be doing updates on this game as well, also we are not making any old zombie game...we're making a new kind of zombie game that we think gamers will highly enjoy.

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That's a risky promise, but good luck with it.

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