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Hello, read more on this article to learn about secret heros in my map!

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Hey, so, recently, i released a demo on my map and with it, a area saying that there are Secret Heroes in my map, so i thought, i ought to give you a taste of those heroes, right?

I decided to tell you about a hard to unlock secret hero named: King Leonidas, The Spartan.

The Spartan is a aggressive tank hero, his abilities focus on tanking, and killing enemy heroes.

Spartan Spear(J)- Leonidas hurls a spear at a target enemy unit, dealing high initial damage on impact and low bleed damage over time. The bleeding also slows the target unit, making it harder for it to run away.

Spartan Slam(K)- Leonidas slams the target unit heavily, throwing the target unit backwards and damaging it.

Spartan Rage(L)- Leonidas enters a extreme state of battle fury, allowing him to attack faster, run faster, and ignore some incoming damage.

God of War(I) [PASSIVE]- Ares, being the one that has resurrected Leonidas in the world of Warcraft, would obviously look out for him, causing him to resurrect Leonidas in the place he fell after a few seconds. Leonidas must then regain Ares's favor through battle before he will be resurrected again

Strong Huh?
Well, Leonidas was made perfect for tanking and ganking, his spear can stop an enemy from running, while his rage can allow him to catch up to any fleeing enemy quickly. In addition, his rage allows him to merely shrug off any blows from the enemy hes chasing, making fighting back useless. His Slam ability then also allows him to run in front of the enemy unit, then "slam" it back towards allies, effectively marking it's death. In the very end, if Leonidas falls, his Ultimate can resurrect him, and allow him to go back to his allies before he is killed again.

If you wondering "How do i get this guy?", well wonder no more!
This man is available simply by reaching a kill count of 1000, hard? Not really. All you have to do is get into a game with many players, then the battle will last longer. When you reach the mark, the game will automatically reveal to you the secret code for unlocking him.

Good Luck!

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