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A short rundown of what I've been doing this past week, which is mainly related to an inventory system and integrating the different sections of the game people have worked on.

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The first thing I did this week was integrating the different parts of the game my colleagues had been working on into one scene. This took a couple of hours of fiddling around with scripts and assets until it kind of worked in cohesion.

The first thing I integrated was the movement system integrated by one of my team members. The way this would work is that there are two cameras in the scene. One camera is fixed on the base, the other is fixed on the army. With a button press the camera switches between the two, allowing the player to switch between game modes on the fly.

As you can see there are still some problems with this system. For example, the button press acts as a move command for the Nub, even though it should not. I will try to fix this in the coming days.

As you might have seen I also added some resources in the top right corner. They are at the moment used for buying buildings and for making them build faster. The gems are in theory the currency that is bought with real money (of course this game is never actually going commercial, this is just a prototype).

The chests don't do anything yet, but that is what I worked on for the rest of the week. I started making an inventory system, as in the game player will be able to collect loot, which is a central aspect of the game.

The way this works is that the player will open a chest, which will then randomly generate an item with ranging stats. Better items have a much smaller chance of spawning of course. There will be four different rarities, the best of whih will appear only 1% of the time, possibly even less as balancing goes on.

As you can see here, the item can then also be displayed in a UI grid. For those of you who want to know more about how I did it: Each item is a Unity scriptable object which is added to a list of items. The code for removing items from the invontory is written already as well, I just haven't added any buttons for it yet.

For this next week I want to work on a couple of things: I want to integrate the inventory system into the main scene, I want to add drag and drop functionality for the units (that's how they are placed in building for training), and I want to make a first mobile version of the prototype, which means changing some code to fit touch devices.

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