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Well, the game is slowly dieing, time to revive it some more news about the game. Sorry, no screen shots. Check my twitter, there will be screen shots!

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Content that was added since the last update news:

- Spike kills you now
- Added game over screen and victory screen (game over screen is for now temporary)
- Changed ambience sound
- Changed the game name (Pegs party place)
- The map is 100% complete (Added more 2 cameras)
- Added mental health sistem
- Now you will notice that you will be holding the camera panel. Also added the animations of the camera opening and closing.
- Added new sounds efects
- Added the new characters Squill the Squirrel, Ouly the Owl and Peg the Wolf
Ouly and Squill are functional, though they still need there second mode
- You can now hide under the table, though mental health will drain
- Now theres some gameplay!
- Changed power GUI

Those are all, i think.
I still need to change the logo of the game.

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