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Second pack of reviews. Retention reviewed on: DIYGamer, Play This Thing, Mash Those Buttons, Indie Game Reviewer, Game Side Story, Gameboyz

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Pitched as a “Game-Photo album”, Retention is a pseudo interactive narrative, told mostly through photographs, with multiple endings. Towards the abstract end of the indie spectrum then.
If you’re in the mood for something at a more contemplative pace, with a focus on atmosphere and storytelling over raw mechanical challenge and demanding controls, then Retention might be for you.
Lewie Procter // DIYGamer

The images are invariably interesting, perhaps especially for those of us who do not live in Russia. And this is an interesting and engaging method for exploring a portfolio of photographs. Game, no; but not without merit. There is, unfortunately, no demo, but at $4, it's not costly.

Greg Costikyan // Play This Thing
The ‘game’ is actually just kind of a ‘choose your own adventure’ book. Honestly, I did not really want to play it more than once or twice. The photos are well taken and beautiful, but it again does not feel like a game. It was also a little tough to get to look at all of the photos because there is a time limit. Although those expecting a game will be disappointed, it is a really interesting thing to play through, especially for those interested in art and photography.
Jessica Weimar // Mash Those Buttons
Retention is a stylish staging of hundreds of photos, turning the collection into a character building exercise somewhere between “Memento” and “Choose Your Own Adventure” titles. Can a man be truly defined by frozen moments of his history? Is identity really just a question of perspective?
Callabrantus // Indie Game Reviewer

Le monde de l’independant ce n’est pas seulement les Zombies, les Avatar, les plateformer, les shoot’em up classiques et autres cliches du milieu. C’est aussi des idees, folles, osees, qui couplees a un peu de genie peuvent donner de belles experiences. Retention est de celles-ci, assurement.

William Bertin // Game Side Story

After all, if you don't like art games, or you don't get them, this isn't going to be worth the $4 the author's asking. If you like this sort of thing, it's still going to be a mixed bag, because art is... well, some art grabs you, some doesn't. I personally found this quite interesting, and, in a sense, felt the confusion of a man trying to reassemble his memories (a sensation I go through once a month... thank you so very much, epilepsy), among other things. But, also in summary, $4 is really not much to pay for some introspection.
Jamie Thomas Durbin // Gameboyz

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