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The second night of Hypnagogia is now finish. Begininng of the third night.

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Second Night:

The second level(night) of the game is now finish. Even if some tweaking still has to be done, the animations, models, textures, scripting, audio and programming are finished. The focus is now on the third and last night, which is intended to be the more developed than the two other. This third will have for theme the feeling of being watched, oppression, childhood fears and a bit of mental illness(schizophrenia). Again, the development will begin with the brainstorm for this night(what will happen and when), then the modeling and texturing, the animations and finally, the programming and scripting.

Night Intro:

I have also thought of adding a sort of intro for the second and third night. Those intro would be, like in the first night(demo), a dream or a nightmare. Those will end by your wakening, which will be the begining of the sleep paralysis. I planning them to be like a small and short linear exploration game.

Stormy night :3
Lightning Watcher


If you are interrest in this game, the demo for it can be download here:

Mouse-Hypnagogia Demo

If you have an Oculus Rift, you can get the version for it right here

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