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This update is all about the second faction. the first one is LEgion, the powerfull AI of the brotherhood of NOD. he represents earth, and its your job to protect earth from what is about to come. The second faction however, is far more different then legion, gdi,nod, scrin, or the mutants that we all know. They call theirselfs : The ENforcers. They are a entitie that is unknown to all. and some people call them :GODS.

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Background - reference.
The Enforcers are based on the main enemy of Star ocean 3. most of the units looks like dragons or other unknown entities.
Their technology is far more advanced then the technology on earth or the scrin planet.

background story-
The scrin and the Enforcers are at war. Tiberium weapons against anti matter.
Both races had great losses but it were the enforcers who won.
And one day the planet turned into green because of tiberium. And the enforces had no choice and had to find a new planet. Since that day, they seek revenge for those who has tiberium.

Slowly they went into space and attacked every planet with tiberium.
one of those attacks are found on earth. where they call it a meteorite. but infact, its a remaining piece of a planet that was ones called SCRIN.

Since that day, earth is changing into a tiberium planet.
and so, for planet earth

a new enemy is born, This is a birth of a new enemy for earth.

The enforcers uses ""anti matter"" as main weaponry. and they are able to control minds.
Each unit is able to call a portal. and they can teleport to any location, or they can call for help and summon the elite troops.

are they overpowered? YES and double YES because thats the point of this faction.
you can handle small troops until they release the EXOCUSIONERS. they are the tank and air units of the enforcers. and you will need a hole army to stop them.

the superweapon.
the superweapon is nothing more then a symbol on the ground. it will summon earthquakes and electric fields that absorbs power. you will need that power to summon bahamut.

concepts and models are in development, and it will take some time before this faction is complete.
however, all the weapons and the superweapon is complete.
I will try to update this page within a few weeks ( screenshots of models etc.)

When this faction is complete, new maps will be created. and a possible single player campaign.

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