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Started working on the new continent for Bloodspill

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I decided to start working on the second continent of the world. I learned a lot from creating most of the first continent and wanted to change the way I've been doing things. First off I changed the heightmap resolution to a 4th of what it originally was, this allows me to make mountains and hills more jagged for certain areas and I saw a lot on the amount of tris from each terrain. Also I adjusted the max height I'm allowed to lift the terrain up too, which is 3 times larger. This will allow me to create terrains that are able to go high up into the mountains, rather than a lot of flat terrain. One thing I did noticed about the first continent is that it felt very limited in the amount of space that you had, since each area was only one terrain each. So I decided to make each zone now 2 - 3 terrains, which will allow me to add a lot more sub locations and open world bosses. I might need to continue tweaking the distance between different locations but for right now I'm happy with how the blocking out of the new areas is going and its just been 2 days of work.

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