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On october 16th I will finally release the second Alpha Demo for Macbat 64, featuring two worlds, improved camera controls and a small peek into the overall plot of the game.

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I am really working hard on this second alpha demo and the complete game in general so I am really
looking forward to hear your opinions and see if you enjoy it playing as much as I enjoyed
making it.

Now for what is actually in the package in detail:

- Improved camera: The camera was reworked quite a bit. I changed some of the awkward camera angles,
slowed some of the camera movements down a bit and included the "focus" function which basically
glues the camera behind macbat only if the player wants it by holding down the right buttone(think
The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time). This also allows for a more open and far better camera
in general and gives the player so much more control over his/her actions.

- Improved and reworked Beach Level: The level from the first alpha demo is returning with some
graphical as well as some gemeplay changes(the bird is slower and flying lower!).

- New Level: The jungle level is new and playable for the first time. It was in fact the very first
level I ever did for macbat when it was still to be a small one level proof of concept kind of thing.
It changed an aweful lot during development and now is the time to share it with you all. Since it was
meant to be the only level at one point, it features quite a lot of different mechanics(underwater section,
"indoors", FPS section). The balloons of the beach level return but their use has a very slight twist
this time. At this point I feel the need to clarify that Macbat won't run and collect balloons in every
level of the game! ;)

- A little peek into the overall plot of the game itself. Obviously I won't spoil anything for you...

I am really grateful for all the amazing interest the game already got and I am so glad that you guys
actually seem to enjoy the game! :)

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