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You, are Jesse Enner; a Research Engineer aboard a vessel called Aurora, tasked with seeking new planets to colonize and develop. Explore the surface of an unknown planet, survive its harsh weather conditions and find a way home.

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Hello all,

I'd like to start by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and hopefully a Happy New Year; and then apologise for the lacking progress with Prospect over the past three months. There's a very good reason for this; and it's that I have finished university, started a new job and relocated myself and my family in the process. As you can imagine, this was a stressful time.


I have settled, my family is happy and more importantly; I'm not so stressed anymore. So, from the 1st January 2015 I shall be continuing work on Prospect.

What can you expect to see in January?

- World Save/Load system: I will be spending some time making sure that the Save/Load feature works as intended, so that players can resume play from the last point at any time.
- New build to download and test.
- More news.

If you haven't already tried the game, check out the download section or click below for the latest build. Have a great holiday, all.

Download for Windows now!

If you don't know them, the controls are:

- WASD to Move.
- Tab to Toggle Inventory/Map/Crafting.
- Escape to Toggle Pause.
- F to Interact when prompted.
- Mouse to Look.

As always, I appreciate the feedback. Please report any bugs of glitches you may find, no matter how big or small they are, they're still bugs.

Thanks for reading, lethal_d0se.

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