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I got tons of feedback from the last update video, and I've used it to make the gunplay more satisfying and fair.

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Tons of people had great feedback after the first Season's Beatings video, and now there's a new video with a lot of that feedback put into the game!

The bulk of the changes were to make the game more satisfying to play, and more fair/balanced. Guns are now more viable to use, and enemies don't instakill you quite so...instantly. Plus there's more blood. Lots and lots more blood. There's also lots of other cool additions/changes, which I talk about in the video. Full changelog below:

  • added enemy alert noises
  • added enemy footsteps
  • added gore system
  • added enemy hats flying off
  • added knife
  • added crosshair
  • added level stats/goals
  • fixed enemies never hitting you at very close range
  • slightly slower enemy bullets
  • slightly lower shotgun spread
  • enemies rotate faster
  • enemies pause before shooting
  • gun pickups now outlined for greater visibility
  • more generous gun pickup detection
  • made "random" wandering enemy deterministic, so it can be learned like other enemy patterns

Hope to get lots more feedback on this video so this game can be as awesome as possible!

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