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Happy Holidays from Multi Theft Auto Team! Here is an update for you.

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We are very happy to announce that ModDB has placed our mod on 4th place in this year's Mod of the Year 2010 Players Choice - Mod of the Year list. We didn't expect such a good spot on the list, so that is definitely a nice Christmas present for us and the whole MTA community. Thank you for your continued support.

In other news, our concurrent unique player count record is now 3,320 players, counted on Friday, 17th of December, at 17:30 GMT. Considering that we could barely reach 1,500 players same time last year, we are pleased with the increase of MTA enthusiasts.

Our developers were working hard since the last update. ryden has improved the maximum player slots limit per server in MTASA 1.1, which is now set to 65535! If you actually fill such a server completely with real players, you deserve a medal.

Gamesnert has introduced some new scripting functions in 1.1, which give you more control over weather conditions in the game. He also made a bunch of fixes for other scripting functions and fixed a crash related with Seasparrow and Skimmer vehicles.

ccw and x86 were not slacking around either - they made quite a bunch of changes, such as ccw's improvements to the linux server and code backports to 1.0.x series from 1.1, or x86's UI bugfixes.

There was also one really cool thing which was added by one of our contributors. Kayl712 has added easing feature to 1.1, which can be applied to game objects and GUI elements movement to smoothen it. See the attached video for examples of use in action.

Last but not least, we would like to wish you all the good things on these Holidays and in the upcoming next year!

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