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Season 4 MK.III Patch, include dungeon revolution, drop loot changes, soft item wipe, huge perks changes and new class perk Scout.

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With day 06/05/2022 in FOnline 3 will start Season 4 MK.III, with huge patch 4.96.2.

With new season every character will lose:

  • Implants
  • War Event bonus stats
  • Perks which got changed(forced to reroll char)


Also many times gonna be wiped:

  • Implants
  • Tier 4 items
  • Tier 4 Blueprints
  • Tier 4 Parts
  • Tier 4 ammo
  • Some of Rare items
  • Interplay Maps


Also all tier 1-3 items will:

  • Lose experience above level 5
  • Lose Roger's upgrade

Patch 4.96.2 include:

  • 15 perks changes
  • 3 new perks
  • 5 class perk changes
  • 1 new class perk
  • 4 synergy changes
  • Rework of armor penetration
  • Rework of extra war event stats
  • Rework in War Event/New Reno Wars
  • Dungeon Revolution
  • Fixes and many other changes

Full list of changes:

Game Discord:

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