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Again, welcome to my personal mod project. I am now searching for betatesters!

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Right now i am mapping and therefore, i will need to have a few betatesters, to test out the maps and add ideas to the project. I have of course, got the whole concept of the campaign, but i will still need new ideas for the maps. This could be the environment, panic events and so on. Please post a comment here if you are interested in helping me out with this.

What would i have to do?

You will be testing the maps, check for bugs and errors, give ideas for new stuff to add in the maps, new panic events, and maybe a concept for some new maps. I will be listening to all ideas!

How many are you searching and how can i be a tester?

Simply, post a comment here and i will give you a PM. Im currently searching for 3 testers (maybe 4 on a later time).It is required that you have interest in testing this campaign.

Best regards to all

- Christoffer

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