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Im searching for testers, who want help me with bug searching and optimize all new content for the next OPK version?

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I've packed a testbuild as a full install file, that inlcude a lot of new vehicles and two maps for testing. Now i need some testers for all that stuff and you are welcome to join.

What is included in the beta 0.43 ?


  • Challenger 2 Main battle tank
  • FV-107 Scimitar
  • FV-510 Warrior
  • Unimog 2to. Transport
  • T-72 Main battle tank
  • AV-8 Harrier (4x MK-82)
  • Eurofighter Typhoon (4x MK82)
  • Tornado IDS (4x GBU24)
  • Mig-29 (4x FAB250)
  • J-22 Orao (2x Maverick, 2x FAB250)
  • J-22 Orao (4x FAB250)
  • Mil Mi-8 (2x Rocketpods)
  • AW101 Merlin
  • AH-64 Apache


  • Thunderclap
  • Border Control Day2

What is the main focus of the betatest?

All vehicles must be tested for playability with the actual published OPK content. Then there are two maps in this testbuild. The map "Border Control Day2" has the main function to test the new vehicles. This map has no optimized vehicle combination for public play and is not balanced. It serves only as a playground for the new heavy toys. The new map "Thunderclap" must be tested of playability and whether the vehicle combination fits. If there are any other ideas for combinations, you should write them in the betatest forum. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

What do i need for the betatest?

  • registration on and the Revive Launcher
  • registration in our OPK Forum to become the rights for the internal betatest-forum
  • posting in this thread to join
  • beta build 0.43 (all testers get the downloadlink in the OPK Forum)

A date for the betatest has not yet been fixed, but the date and further infos you get in the internal betatest forum. If you got registered in the OPK forum and got the rights for the internal forum, you can download the testbuild 0.43. So you can test the vehicles on your local game, but without bots. The sp/coop support for the new vehicles and maps is not done yet.

The OPK testserver has not yet been set up, but all necessary data can be found in the internal forum.

I would be glad if many would participate in the betatest.



DaWallace Author

No one want join to test? That is sad....

So why do i still work on this mod, if nobody cares about improvement and progress?

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check your PM :)

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DaWallace Author

You're welcome :)

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