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What have we accomplished in these last few weeks? Have we blown up? Did we set the bomb without you? Find out in Todays update!

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Well everyone, we have been coming along well! Gleedo has been working feverishly on his map, Phoenix has gotten the planting the bomb coding done, our modeler Mikey has been texturing the objective, AsToRoTh has been mapping it up, and we have a new member on our team: CopiusX. He will be our Sound Specialist so we will have nice blowy uppy sounds, orders from the commander, and general Bomb effects (ticking, planting noises, etc)

Also as you can see in the picture for this article (or on the image page) we have a Blue flak cannon! Phoenix is working on a Shotgun for this mod based on the Flak Cannon. Its blue because all blue shotguns are awesome! This will be a modified Flak Cannon with tighter cone, higher damage at closer range, and more body flingin action!

The coding side of the project is coming along nicely. The main core is slowly coming together to a playable state. If all goes well, in the next few days we should have a video up of planting a bomb in the game. It won't have the HUD planting signs, but those are set to be done after the core is completed, but still before release (gotta have the eye candy!).

The mapping side is also coming along nicely. The map (the one that can be seen in the Images) is slowly expanding and increasing detail. Soon enough we can have a video of that map too so you can all drool over it.

Keep watching this mod for more updates!

-Search and Destroy Team

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