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We are back online! Enjoy the new flow of media and may you have luck with your hard drives!

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Raider Is back online and modeling! We have an incredible video of Reasha on the way plus a few sneak shots of the next major city: Amaria. Most of the monsters are complete, with only a few left to start. One boss needs animations, and then there is one more boss to make after that and the bosses are done. The 4 major towns are all complete, two minor towns are complete, and most of the adventure levels are done. There are still a lot of armors to make though, as well as weapons. The biggest thing restricting us is that there are only two melee slots available, and two codings to base weapons off of: the crowbar and pipe wrench. A big task on the coding is going to be adding extra crowbars and pipe wrenches to accommodate the many melee weapons there will be and the associated damages/special effects of each weapon.

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