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Upcoming server and how to connect to it without WOL and our IRC server

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We have been working closely with {AW}Dommo on getting a test server for SCUD Storm, and he agreed to host one open to the public. At the moment it is running 1.3 and those who have Westwood Online should be able to connect at the very moment.

However many of you do not have Westwood Online or a valid Renegade serial, as with no direct connect tool distributed in previous versions of SCUD Storm this can be an issue.
The best thing I can recommend is for you to join us on IRC, where there is usually always someone from our dev team online, and if there isn't, would be within a few hours..
Here we can explain how to directly connect to the server.

This is fairly straightforward for those who use IRC all the time. Our connection details are as follows: (port 6667, that's the default)

If you have not used IRC before I suggest getting the 90 day free trial of mIRC and connect to our server.
You can type in the command "/s " to connect to our server (without the inverted commas"").


wow IRC channels are boreing no1 talkes there like nothing butt idle servers. y pay just to have others wast time to come and idle in the server what a waste.

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cnc95fan Author

Don't do it so..

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Anyone who uses IRC regularly knows that after the 'trial' that you do not actually have to pay for it.

It just makes you wait a little longer before you can use it each time you start it. :p

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Another Way. To direct connect via shortcut, do this.

1. Right click a new shortcut that you created
2. Select "properties"
3. Type in the following in the target box:
"Insert SCUD Storm EXE here without quotes" /multi +connect "Insert IP:port here without quotes" +NetPlayerName "insert nickname here with quotes"

So for me it would be:
"C:\Program Files\Final Warriors Productions\SCUD-Storm\Game.exe" /multi +connect IP:Port +netplayername "Generalcamo" With all quotes in exact location

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