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Hello again guys, in this news update we will be letting you all know what we have been up too and how things are going, you will also find out the future plans for Starcraft: Source Singleplayer And Multiplayer.

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Welcome to the one year anniversary update for Starcraft: Source (a little late). Firstly some information about the SCSMOD website and how to contact us. Our new Email has been set up so if you have any questions startup your browser or smartphone and ask away! But then again your browser will already be up if your reading this Lulz.Email Setup: **

Website WIP:-It's been a very long time since we posted anything on the website.I had a updated file for it which nearly finished the webpage but later lost it so it'll be a while longer before it is finished.It is very close to being done but we still have some ways to go so check for yourself on the progress. And Email us on suggestions or critism.Http://WWW.SCSMOD.COM

Now is a listing of the current status of most of the items currently going into the game:

Battle Cruisers Semi-WIP:-Norad: This will be the main BattleCruiser in game, It belongs to the player Only.-Standard: The secondary BattleCruiser you will see in centimatics, Crashes, and the sky above you while playing.-Minotaur: Used for Boss plays and major events, will be seen in game rarely.

Minotaur Class BC

More To Come! Based on the the variety of BC's in the Starcraft Universe we will be making more!Dev Note(Muffin): - Well, i think we should swap Minotaur BC with Norad in it's function for player use. Probe SKin:-The Probe has finally been skinned and now on its way to be animated and added in game!

DropShip Partially Skinned WIP:
Dropship Skin WIP

The DropShip has been partially skinned and will be animated, added in game for now and will be edited and perfected at a later date.

Wraith Partially Skinned WIP:
Wraith Textured

The Wraith is also partially skinned and will be used for centimatics and in-game events.Still deciding if it will be flyable in campaign.Dev note(Muffin):- Our wraith has a cockpit panel, but it needs a seat and joystick

SCV by Icedecknight

The SCV has been made and DOES NOT have a texture, the Yellow and Gray are mainly placeholders.Currently It is still being edited in 3dsmax, and will be animated after it is Textured.

Props:-Nuclear Tracking Laser: The NTL will be used in the campaign as a Nuclear Targeting system for the player.We don't want to spoiler to much but basicly it will be a simple replacment of the ghost rifle in early game.-Electricity Pole: Props for More urban enviorments.-Sign: Adds the SC2 Feel to an older type of game. Will have more news concerning what the sign says.-Satellite: Communication Relay. Will be used in first mission.Missle Turret WIP:

Missleturret by Icedesknight

Missle Turret is still being model but the basic shape is finished and will also apear in the first several mission. Health Kit INGAME Model:

Finished HealthKit by necromunger

Tank WIP:-Tanks is being worked on, tell us what you think.

SiegeTank by Muffiin SiegeTank by Muffiin

Dev note(Muffin): Yeah, siege tank is kind interesting thing that I was modelling, it's fully functional, except that i haven't added few supports that are used in siege mode.

Science Vessal WIP:-Science vessal be used for ingame centimatcs and other very important things ;).Very hard to get it accurate to the universe since pictures are scarce.Dev note(Muffin):-Yeah, true, Science Vessel is very hard to model, because its' size is always changing from size of Command Center to Mega-giant sizes that are bigger than battlecruiser.

Mapping Semi-WIP:
Custom Texture mapwork

First Maps are being worked on including custom ground textures etc. -Walls/Models:

Here is some information on Single and Multi Player.Story Lines *SCSSP* WIP: FIND IN DOWNLOADS-The story line will always be a WIP.We don't want to spoiler too much so here is a dated file were using for guides.If you read it you can see that we are creating a very long story line and give some vivid descriptions to the events that will play out during missions.

Multiplayer Stats *SCSMP* WIP: FIND IN DOWNLOADS-The way the Multiplayer will be laid out.Note that all of the stats including HP, Damage etc can be changed "Nothing you see here is final".Side note(Muffin):- There should be stats of marine's systems conditions. Like if communication system is broken, player can't talk to other players on long range.- Same for temperature control, visor, radar and so on.

So thats it for our update today guys i hope you enjoyed seeing all the new stuff and have a nice day :D


I don't even play starcraft but this mod looks awesome.

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Good to see work is still progressing. Nice work with models, they are very good for WIP work.

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Looks good, but how is it with the legal part of this? From what I've heard, this mod:
had to cancel due Starcraft II.

But I would love to play starcraft in source :)

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This mod is going to be FirstPersonShooter, to our knowledge Blizzard dosn't have a problem with this type of genre but to those who want to remake it in RealTimeStrategy format, at which it could "unrealistically" conflict with the Starcraft 2 sales.

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not bad for the most part...

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