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Scribble(WT) hits the internet, hits it hard, hits it's head and tumbles back onto a hard disk. Will it be yours?

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I am proud to present you the first finished game of mine in a long, long time. This game listens to the name of "Scribble" and it wants you to play it. It was very clear about that.

Now, this is merely a copypaste from the summary above:


  • 23 Levels in four and a half difficulty levels
  • Three enemies that kill the living stick out of you
  • The best graphics my hands can create
  • Twenty achievements, ranging from unmissable to whatthehellwashethinking
  • Blowing stuff up with TNT
  • Jumping really high
  • This is a secret feature. Unlock it to see it's description.

Not every feature works perfectly, I admit, but since I am not a professional programmer I am still quite satisfied with the result.
The download weighs around five megabytes.

Everything in this game, the graphics, the sound, the coding, has all entirely been created by none other than me. That explains the lack of a "Credits" option: There'd be but one name, and that name is already in the main menu. Mine. Wee!
Have fun with it.

Download from ModDB (5.07 MB)

I'm always open for constructive (!) criticism.

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