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Well then, here we go. Cold Shift is back up and running baby!

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First off, I'd like to apologise for not uploading screenshots or other information, my PC went insane and I was unable to use it for several days, of course meaning that I couldn't work on maps. Then, my editor, J.A.C.K, started glitching the textures for some reason, even when I uninstalled and reinstalled it. So it looks like I'll be using an updated version of Hammer 3.5 (it's called Hammer 3.5.3 if you're interested). Someone recommended it to me a while back (I've forgotten their username) and it's pretty good. Screenshots should start being uploaded regularly soon, I'm aiming for at least 1-3 per week. If something happens again to halt the mod's progress, I'll tell ya.

NintyFan out!

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