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this is not my decision so please don't blame me hopefully we will release the first version soon

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"why are all images rendered pics from other games/movies"

Why exactly are you using EVE pictures (from youtube obviously), and
what Im guessing is a pic from Starship Troopers? Doesnt exactly look
good if you're not posting your own material..


how come pics doesn't look like in fl?have any ingame shot like whit everything?


just a question...

any reason why all images are rendered pics which actually have nothing to do with a FL mod?

another question...

why is the video the intro movie (TLR version) ... I mean thats nothing special


nice mod, send more pics please

this seems to be recurring topic here
so i have decided to clear it up instead of posting false comments
the leader of our mod team has decided to hold the release of any and all screenshots and gameplay videos until the final art work is done due to the varyed people supplying us with there talents as some of them have a tendency to drop out on us one or to of our ship designers have quit and forbidden us to use there work so untel the first release i am under orders to not release any screenshots and or videos i am sorry to inconvenience anyone

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