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Updates from the past 3 months of development and onward!

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Small Announcement:

I have been hearing this from quiet a few people so I thought I would take the time to point something out, Kitten Super Adventure is not a simulator game. With that out there I hope that helps bring a bit better understanding to the game ^_^ #KittenSAdv

(The original name of the game was "Kitten Simulator Advanced" yet the intention of the game was never to be just a regular simulator but one that was actually a game. So it was never really a simulator game, just had that in it's original name, since then the name has been changed.)

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This video displays a hover bike you can ride in on the "Moon" level, i plan to implement a few mini-games that involve using this vehicle for the story mode such as:

- Time Attack (Beat the clock)
- Survival Mode (Survive as long as possible)
- Get That Nip! (Collect all the catnip bags)

Once you unlock these modes in story mode you can access them in free roam mode from the panel located next to the hover bikes storage location.

Here are a few shots of the latest additions to the "School" level, this area is the cafeteria where all the students get there grub! Maybe the school chef will have something special just for a cute furry kitten like you!

screen 1582x890 2015 06 15 14 03

screen 1582x890 2015 06 15 14 03 1

screen 1582x890 2015 06 15 14 04

screen 1582x890 2015 06 15 14 04 1

screen 1582x890 2015 06 15 14 05

screen 1582x890 2015 06 15 14 06

screen 1582x890 2015 06 15 14 07

Working on a mini game that will happen inside the ventilation system of the space station, run run as fast as you can before the heat turns up! Get all the catnip bags before time runs out or you will lose some fur! XD The mini game can be replayed over and over again to try and beat your last run time.

There will also be a "Catch the mice" mini-game where you need to clean out the ventilation system during a mission in Story Mode, get as many mice as you can within a given time. Both mini-games will be available in Free Roam mode.

This is just a beginning image.

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Here is one of the new enemies you will be encountering in the "Lost Forest" level, it's cute and scary at the same time! XD

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I am working on implementing portals which will take you to mini-games, other areas, etc. in the "Space Station" area for the "Moon" level.

This is something I decided I will put into every level, of course the portals will look different depending on the level.

screen 1582x890 2015 07 01 11 31

not too long ago I realized I wasn't happy with the overall look and feel of the "Cat Islands" level so I decided to revamp it, making the level bigger and more detailed. Here are some screenshots of the updates, there is still a lot more to do but it's coming along nicely.

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11699052 500358870124268 7982440

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I have been working on the UI for the alternate title

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have been doing more UI work *Jooooyyy!* Here are some of the UI panels for the graveyard level.

11227066 509173319242823 6457889

11241027 509173322576156 3743332

11728716 509173315909490 4219226

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This video displays the latest updates to Cat Islands level!

It has been completely revamped and is still a work in progress, here are a few things that are displayed in the video :

- I took out the mouse functionality and replaced it with triggers that go off when you are in front of an interactive character/object. You can still use the mouse if you wish but it's no longer mandatory to execute interaction.

- I decorated the island a bit with buildings, etc. and optimized everything to run for both low and high end computers.

- The numbers in the top left corner display the FPS (frames per second) for the gameplay. Any glitches or lag that appears in the video is due to the recording software I use (shadowplay).

- Updated camera functionality (zoom, static height, etc.)

And much more but I will keep this short, enjoy the video!

A few new additions to the Cat Island level :) A nice windmill and one of the enemies you will find in the level, MONKEYS!!! XD

screen 1582x890 2015 07 26 09 13

screen 1582x890 2015 07 26 09 17

screen 1582x890 2015 07 26 09 17 1

screen 1582x890 2015 07 26 09 17 2

I recently decided to scratch the Japanese tea room level, replacing it with a bigger level so you can have much more to do! Here are the humble beginnings of that level which will be labeled "Old Japan" or something similar in the final version.

screen 1582x890 2015 07 26 20 35

screen 1582x890 2015 07 26 20 36

screen 1582x890 2015 07 26 20 37


The evil kitten who steals all the catnip bags castle is being built, here are a few work in progress shots.

screen 1582x890 2015 07 29 13 50

screen 1582x890 2015 07 29 13 52

screen 1582x890 2015 07 29 14 00

screen 1582x890 2015 07 29 13 46

screen 1582x890 2015 07 29 13 57

screen 1582x890 2015 07 29 13 57 1

screen 1582x890 2015 07 29 13 44

screen 1582x890 2015 07 29 13 40

Upgraded terrain in Moon level

11053343 577303299096491 6655501

11223567 577303309096490 8355538

11059853 577303305763157 5152520

Video test for Moon level terrain upgrade, don't mind the mouse, mini-map and lighting for jetpack as i am still working on the setup

Screenshots of male and female bathrooms that will be in the School level

screen 1582x890 2015 09 10 16 43

screen 1582x890 2015 09 10 16 51

screen 1582x890 2015 09 10 16 51 1

screen 1582x890 2015 09 10 16 58

screen 1582x890 2015 09 10 16 55

screen 1582x890 2015 09 10 16 54

Steampunk Goggles *Test*
This is the engineer for Cat Islands, you can tell it's him by his hat ^_^

That's it for now but as you can see there has been a lot of progress on the game and there is much more to come!

Until next time!

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