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Some good gifs, showcasing some of the weapons available to the player.

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In Trident's Wake you will be able to pick among various weapons, abilities, and even chassis, so you will be able to customize your play-style according to your whims. For this Screenshot Saturday we bring forth some of the weapons you will be able to use to take back the Trident.

Before showcasing some of the weapons, please consider that these are not final, moreover, there will be variations of these weapons within the game; for example, some assaults rifles will behave in different fashion.

Assault Rifle


The usual weapon, the assault rifle, automatic, high rate of fire and mid-caliber, pepper your enemies with a decent punch, the recoil might be an issue at great distances though.



The beamer is a special weapon capable of streaming a constant laser to an enemy, melting away with extreme precision. This energy deals a lot of concentrated damage, even at great distances, but is awful when dealing with swarming enemies.



A very dangerous weapon, deals constant damage to enemies, and allies, within it's ejecting flame. it's short range and obvious hazard for your companions makes this weapon tricky to use.



The handgun, a fast reliable, and safe weapon of choice, might not pack an amazing power, or even have an outstanding rate of fire, by this is a tried and true weapon.

Gatling gun


If a horde comes your way, they'll never reach you when you pack a Gatling gun. it needs time to begin it's firing sequence, and it has a hell of a recoil, same as lightning, it will never hit the same spot twice. friend and foe alike fear this weapon

Plasma Gun


Shooting super heated plasma is always fun! you can shot various tiny blobs of plasma, or coagulate a huge bubble of it, this is a great weapon very versatile, lot's of small super heated gas projectiles, to deal with smaller enemies, or one massive blob to strike a lumbering foe.



The rail gun is an unwieldy powerhouse, it's low rate of fire make it something of a problem, until you realize that it's bullets shred enemies passing through them and into the next, and so forth. You don't need a thousand bullets, just one well placed.



Tested over hundred of years, close quarters combat is messy, and close corridors mean you need a good spread, the shotgun is a good gun to fight.

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